Monday, August 24, 2009


Hello, Friends! I am so frustrated. My computer decided to crash last night. I was trying to upload a few cards that I had made and I can't even log in. It is really bad. I hope to have it up and running soon but I haven't heard what the problem might be yet. I will keep you all updated. I hope to take some new pictures and use my computer at school to upload them. So don't count me out yet! Thanks for all your wonderful comments! I can't even tell you how much I love to read them and how much they mean to me. You all are so very wonderful! Have a super Monday and I hope to have something to show you tomorrow.



  1. Oh no...THAT is a problem! A day without ARTfelt Impressions is a very sad day!

  2. drats!!! i have been enjoying your card postings very very much. computers - BAH HUMBUG. hope you get it fixed soon!