Friday, June 20, 2008


Good Morning All! Are you all ready for a super hot weekend? Well, at least here in Colorado! My family and I are headed to Denver to watch the Rockies play the Mets for tonight's and tomorrow night's games! I am so excited! I am trying to get the last of the laundry done and then get the car washed and, and... I know there was something else. Oh, well. I will think of it later!

So, I know that you are all dying to hear how I fared at the softball games last night! O.k. Maybe you aren't 'dying' but I will tell you anyway. I didn't do too bad! I am quite proud of myself! The first game I struck out once and then hit a single. I did make it around the bases. I played left center and rushed a ball to stop a double. We won that game 24 to 9 (or something like that). Now for the second game. I don't even quite know how to start. I was number four up to bat. I get up and hit it close to second so I knew that I needed to put the speed on to outrun the throw. As I am running to first, my legs come out from under me and I find myself flying forward onto the ground flat on my chest and sliding toward first base - WELL short of first base. The first baseman/woman, misses the throw because she is too busy looking at me! I am laying there thinking 'so this is what it comes down to, a fourty year old woman looking like an idiot!' Then I hear my team yelling (because they are in the dugout beside first base), 'oooo! Get up! Hurry! You can make it!' So, what did I do? I got up and ran the rest of the way to first! YIKES!!! It was then that my team comes out to make sure that I am really o.k. Well, now I have to say yes! My ego was hurt more that anything! I was so embarrassed! I did make it around to score a run, though. So, then I am in the outfield where the ball hardly comes to you, right? Not with the team that we played! It seemed like every other hit was right between me and second base! UGH! And then I am thinking, 'man, my knee feels funny'. So, I pull up my capri sweats and find it swollen to the size of a potato! Well, this would be the inning that would take forever to get three outs. We finally did and when I got back to the dugout, we were starting the line-up all over again and I was number four! So, when I get up to bat I hit it toward the shortstop but I don't run near as fast as before (gee, I wonder why) and get out (bummer) but I got an RBI!! Needless to say, I wasn't the only one who fell over her own two feet. There were two other players who did and we ended up losing. I really don't remember the score. I had so much fun and I would love to show you all the bruises and road rash and scrapes but I will spare you for now. My husband did take a picture of my pathetic self last night. My son and my husband were very proud of me! I can't wait to do it again (after I completely heal)! Anyway, thanks for listening to my story. Those of you who know me can have a good laugh as you see me "sliding" toward first!

Now to the card... This was a sketch I saw on someone's blog. I took the sketch along with me when I was at Emily's and decided to give it a try. I actually made two cards with it but I liked this one better. I will probably show the other one later. It's really very simple and self-explanatory but if you have questions please let me know! Enjoy your weekend and I will be back Sunday to post then!

Card Recipe: Stamps- Embrace Life; Paper- Whisper White, Ruby Red, Ginger Blossoms designer paper; Ink- black StazOn, Ruby Red; Accessories- black brad, blender pen, dimensionals

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